Lee Jong Seok to Make Special Appearance in K-movie The Witch 2 After Military Discharge in January 2021

I’m not surprised that K-actor Lee Jong Seok is already lining up acting roles prior to his military discharge but I am more interested in what drama he will pick first. He has selected his first movie and it will be a special appearance in The Witch 2 which is currently in pre-production. It’s the direct sequel to The Witch: The Subversion which launched Kim Da Mi‘s career and Lee Jong Seok was originally offered the male lead in the first movie but passed due to scheduling conflict. He’s worked with the Director before on V.I.P. so it continues that screenwriters and directors who have worked with Lee Jong Seok frequently go back to work with him. I’m so excited he’s coming back, especially right now since I’m watching Start-Up and it’s making me remember all my Park Hye Ryun faves which Lee Jong Seok headlined in Pinocchio and While You Were Sleeping.

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