Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yibo’s Agencies Summoned to Sina Weibo for Discussion on Proper Fan Conduct and Strict Enforcement

Hahaha, this feels like such a “summoned by the principal for a talk” moment and yet we’re talking about two adult popular stars and their professional agencies instead of school kids. With the recent Chinese authority crack down on multiple aspects of the entertainment industry, that includes focus on fandom and fan conduct. It got a lot of attention this week when the fandoms of Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yibo basically started an online bitch-fight over the rumor that the former Legend of Fei costars would be reuniting in another new drama. Both sides blamed the other side’s star for the reason why Legend of Fei was such a bad drama – her side thinks he’s a bad actor, his side thinks she phoned in her performance – though both sides agree the production quality was cheap and directing terrible. Zhao Li Ying’s fandom is bigger so they ended up taking more action in the online squabble and now her official Weibo agency account has been muted for 15 days because authorities are punishing her side for not stepping in faster to regulate her fandom conduct. Now reportedly both agencies have been summoned for in person meetings with the bigwigs at Sina who run Weibo for a full discussion that going forward there will be strict agency control over their own fandom and reporting on the fans who misbehave.

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