Yumi’s Cells Gets Excited for a Potential Romantic Night for Yumi in Second Charming Preview

The live-action part of upcoming K-drama Yumi’s Cells really does overcome the lackluster visuals in the promo stills and poster, once leads Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun are onscreen then their characters look less awkwardly styled and more quirky fashion sense. I think it’s because their natural attractiveness and ability to act comes to the forefront and viewers are less irked by the ill suited hair and outfits. Also it’s nice to see both leads look derpy, usually it’s just one lead that is deemed fashionably suspect while the other gets to start off perfectly styled. The second preview puts us (and Yumi’s animated emotion cells) smack dab in the end of a date between the two leads, one which appears to be prolonged when Ahn Bo Hyun goes to make Kim Go Eun a cup of coffee and picks the gigantic cup rather than the small cup that can be finished quicker. Cheeks pinken and everyone gets geared up for maybe some late night skinship until a little mishap cuts short our voyeurism. So cute!

Second preview for Yumi’s Cells:

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