Yang Zi’s Fans Ecstatic with Her New Modern Drama Release The Oath of Love with Xiao Zhan After The Golden Hairpin is Confirmed to be Banned Due to Wu Yi Fan’s Arrest

Summer is winding down and the beginning of September as kids get fully back into the swing of school there will be a new drama to hopefully inject some buzz into what has been a dull C-drama season so far. Even better is that it changes the bad mojos around popular C-actress Yang Zi who has been in the news this whole month due to her period C-drama adaptation of The Golden Hairpin getting mentioned and then later banned due to male lead Wu Yi Fan and his alleged rape scandal and subsequent arrest. Her fans have been sad but accepting that The Golden Hairpin will likely never see the light of day, reportedly now there is even no chance that it could be sold directly to overseas streaming platform such as Netflix due to the drama being officially banned in China by the authorities plus Wu Yi Fan’s alleged crimes are so severe. But now her fans will see her next month in the modern romance C-drama The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教) costarring with popular young actor-singer Xiao Zhan who rocketed to fame in 2019 thanks to The Untamed. The posters look great and the preview is plenty angsty to start off, but it’s before they meet so obviously after the fated destined things start to look up for her cello player and his doctor characters. Even better is the drama is undubbed since it’s streaming on WeTV and not airing on television, which requires dubbing as Chinese authorities want uniform accents for anything shown nationwide on television.

Preview for The Oath of Love:

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