Top C-actress and Producer Zhao Wei Also Cancelled as Auxiliary Damage From the Zhang Zhe Han Visits Yasukini Shrine Scandal

I think C-netizens have been waiting for this particular cancellation for a long time, 20 years to be exact. So it really was walking on eggshells if I were C-actress turned top producer and agency president Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao). Today on August 26th C-netizens noticed that Zhao Wei’s videos have all been removed if it featured her and some of her dramas have also been removed while others remain but her name has been removed from the cast listing on the drama landing page. This is across all the Chinese streaming sites from Tencent to iQiyi and even smaller ones, and reportedly top stars like Huang Xiaoming (one of her BFFs) and Zhao Li Ying have deleted all postings including her from their SNS pages. I saw C-netizens have wanted to ban her going back to 2001 when she was pictured wearing a dress with the Japanese rising sun flag on it for L’Officiel China. There was an uproar and she apologized profusely. Since then she was also in a scandal in 2017 with her husband and was banned from trading in the Chinese securities market for false news for 5 years. Her fallout in the Zhang Zhe Han scandal from last week was due to him being signed under her as an artist and C-netizens believe she is also culpable for not vetting his character properly before signing him.

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