Start-Up Unveils New Looks and Attitude After 3 Year Time Jump in Teaser Stills for Episode 13

I’m all for this time jump in Start-Up, there was way too much to unpack by sheer discussion and resolution alone and way more interesting to see characters grow a bit before gathering back together. The teaser stills for episode 13 have tons of nuggets to digest, everyone has a new hair style but of course and the biggest vibe change for sure is Do San. Such swagger now and I’m glad he’s no longer crying, apologizing, and feeling guilty. I hope the two sisters have spent the last three years working together professionally but also working on their sisterly relationship. Ji Pyeong is the wild card for me, he could have spent three years growing a friendship and maybe a relationship with Dal Mi but I got the sense she was putting romance on ice while focusing on her career step by step. This drama hooked me by the family, both born into and found, and the friendships so I hope the final four episodes returns to the very beginning for the reboot.

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