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Southwest Airways is working a promotion as a result of this Thursday, 9/9/21. The rapid summary is you need to have to book a round excursion ( or 2 a single way) flights by 9/9/21 and entire travel by 11/18/21. If you do, you will receive companion fare from 1/6/22 – 2/28/21. In this article is the connection:

Now, that isn’t substantially recognize and the companion fare is only for 2 months but it is nonetheless a excellent offer. If you have a trip prepared for January/February, you could take a brief journey to a close by airport really cheaply and then help save funds on your January/February vacation.

Also, if you are looking for companion fare for the complete a single year moreover, the Chase Southwest credit score playing cards are now supplying 20,000 RR points for a referral. I would split a referral cost with any one who is intrigued. Electronic mail me at [email protected]

These are 2 very very good gives from Southwest Airlines. Even though companion fare is a excellent offer, Southwest is even now strongly encouraging men and women to take edge of the supply. Hopefully, that is a signal that it will be all over for decades to occur.


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