Shin Hyun Bin Already on the Rise in 2020 Opposite Won Bin in Maxim Coffee CF

Sometimes the ascendance of a star can be telegraphed even earlier and seeing Shin Hyun Bin currently in Hospital Playlist 2, about to be in Person Who Looks Like You soon to premiere, and cast in The Youngest Son of the Chaebol and Strange, I recall seeing her on a CF and took me awhile to place that she was the relative lesser known actress opposite Won Bin in last year’s 2020 Maxim coffee CF. It was a CF that I remember because Won Bin said “roasty” and I was like WTF is roasty? The canned coffee is described as smooth and roasty and lol isn’t all coffee beans roasted before it’s brewed. I guess her casting in the CF should have alerted me that she’s definitely an up-and-comer especially when CF casting agents take notice. I kinda concur with the recent critique of her acting range but she has a really soothing and natural face that I quite enjoy looking at onscreen.

Won Bin-Shin Hyun Bin Coffee Ad:

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