Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo’s Delayed Thriller Movie Call Premieres on Netflix

Consider it a Black Friday gift to the world from Netflix, if you’re either not out shopping and also not still passed out from too much turkey and wine last night on Thanksgiving. The thriller K-movie Call, originally with a February 2020 premiere date, has been released exclusively on Netflix streaming worldwide. If you have an account, and either love Park Shin Hye, or want to check out a thriller movie with an all female cast, this would be the flick for you. I’m planning to watch so haven’t checked out reviews yet, don’t want to spoil as I think the twists in that phone call across two decades will probably be central in making this movie world so I want to be surprised. It’s nice to see Park Shin Hye stretch but Jeon Jong Seo is totally creepy and it’s the second time I’ve seen her take on a role where I’m just skeeved out by her even in the previews alone.

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