Park Kyu Young and Kim Min Jae are Woefully Awkward in First Drama Poster for KBS Rom-com Dal Ri and Gamjatang

If the goal was the make the worst rom-com drama poster ever then the production of upcoming KBS drama Dal Ri and Gamjatang have majorly succeeded woo hoo! Because this is one terrible, horrible, no good poster, doing zero justice to either leads Kim Min Jae or Park Kyu Young. This reminds me of the same vibe as the very low rated Lovely Horribly, except instead of ghostly hand shadows behind the two leads we have ugly paintings. I’m sure Park Gyu Young is dressed like Lolita minus fashion sense on purpose and Kim Min Jae totally looks nouveau rich with a side of earnestness, so if the poster was going for screwball both leads are ridiculous and that’s part of the meet cute opposites attract charm then I guess it did the job theoretically. But there is still something to be said for an eye catching poster especially in a rom-com genre.

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