Park Eun Bin Transforms From Blushing Princess to Serious King in New Preview for KBS Romance Sageuk The King’s Affection

Okay, I’m totally going to openly two-time my lovely Lovers of the Red Sky with the equally pretty The King’s Affection. And when the two shall meet on October 11th when King premieres on KBS in the same Mon-Tues slot at Red Sky, it will be one drama’s end to another’s beginning so that will be interesting to see. For now The King’s Affection (formerly just Affection or Yeonmo) continues to drop exquisite promos and the most recent was a stylistic palace scene where Park Eun Bin is dressed as a princess complete with coquettish smile and run whilst looking back likely at her beloved, and then she enters a mirror and transforms into a fully decked out young king and encounters her court official played by Ro Woon. They stare at each other and my heart went dugun dugun, so kudos for the production in creating a memorable teaser tableau.

Preview for The King’s Affection:

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