Park Eun Bin and Ro Woon Bring Contrasting Serious and Swoony Vibes in First Stills for KBS Sageuk Affection

I feel like I’m cheating on my current love Lovers of the Red Sky by being SO EXCITED for upcoming KBS drama Affection (Yeonmo), but I have enough love in my heart for both mwahahaha. The first official stills are out showing Park Eun Bin as the princess pretending to be her dead twin brother the Crown Prince and Ro Woon as her tutor/secret boyfriend. I know I’m describing in broad strokes but the core story is in a manhwa for those who want to more detailed storyline. I’m sure the drama will fill in the story further but Park Eun Bin is visually killing it, absolutely looking like an arrogant, self-confident good looking young prince. Ro Woon has the physicality but could learn more acting skills still being comparatively less experienced than her but he looks striking and good enough in his first stills to pass the eyeball sniff test.

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