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Are you obsessed with a K-Drama’s OST as much as me? Well, you are in luck for, in this article, you will read about the OSTs I’m currently playing on repeat, as well as the reason as to why I love them so much. Hope this article convinces you to start listening to these OSTs or if you are just in need of recommendations. Warning: There is a use of language in one song description.



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Soundtrack #1: Into The Abyss

Artist: SURAN, Coogie

Drama: Abyss

I was, and still am, highly obsessed with this OST. The mystical element in this song really compliments the fantasy aspect of this show which I really love. And plus, Coogie’s rap in this song goes hard and is very addicting to listen to. 

Soundtrack #2: Orbit

I remember falling in love with this the first time I heard it. Hwasa’s voice is amazing and the song overall is very appealing to listen to; in terms of it being more pop and similarly having instrumentals that fit well with the fantasy genre.

Soundtrack #3: Can You Hear My Heart

This whole drama has one of the best OSTs, but this one is a top favorite of mine. The featuring of Lee Hi was done well with Epik High’s rapping. This song reminds me of the sad scenes ㅠㅠ

Soundtrack #4: Adrenaline

One of my favorite OST ever! Solar’s voice is so powerful, and this song reminds me of the scenes that contain action or scenes showcasing a badass moment. Plus, I love how there is an Italian version.

Soundtrack #5: I’ll Be By Your Side

Yes another Vincenzo OST! The vocals in this song are amazing, and I love how it’s an all English song that I can burst my lungs to while actually knowing the lyrics LOL. In addition, it is a reminder that Chacenzo will always be by each other’s side :’)

Soundtrack #6: Breaking Dawn

Do I have to explain much as to why this OST is superior? Ailee was so perfect for this song, and the power in her voice compliments it so well. The instrumentals to this song are also super cool!

Soundtrack #7: Way

My favorite OST from this drama. It is such a calming song that fits in with the whole vibe of this drama. It reminds me of a walk through a field of cherry blossoms with friends <3

Soundtrack #8: Dive

If you have never heard of this song/drama, go watch it right now! This song is so catchy and it matches with the excitement and positive energy that is within this drama. Definitely an underrated bop. 

Soundtrack #9: Side By Side

This OST goes so hard. This show is a bit underappreciated and a great combination of horror and thriller. This song fits so well with the intense and/or fighting scenes which I really loved. 

Soundtrack #10: Satellite

This drama is also a hidden gem and another underrated bop. This song gives such nostalgia and makes me sad sometimes, since it was used in a lot of flashbacks and heartfelt moments ㅠㅠ 

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I have been meaning to publish an article like this because I take my OSTs very seriously. Please note that while I am aware there are many amazing OSTs out there, the ones mentioned in this article are only from the dramas I have seen. So I apologize in advance if there is an OST I didn’t mention or that you were in search of in this article.

If you would like more recommendations or a playlist of OSTs to listen to, here is a link to my Spotify playlist dedicated to K-Drama OSTs: kdrama bops

Thank you again for reading! <3

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