Lee Jong Seok Catches a Bestie Kim Woo Bin Lookalike Stuffy and Shares New Snaps of Him

The bromance was real and is continuing nearly ten years on with K-actor Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin. Their School 2013 vaulted both from young rising actor to male lead in big productions level exactly as that franchise was meant to do. That they have stayed close good friends is no secret but there have been gaps such as when Lee Jong Seok went to military service and Kim Woo Bin was battling cancer though he was exempt from enlistment he was still very low key. This week Lee Jong Seok posted a cute update on his SNS showing off a stuffed animal he successful grabbed from a claw machine and said he just had to get it since it reminded him of someone. Those eyes lolololol! Yes, we all know a stuffy version of Kim Woo Bin when we see it too. He then shared two pics of Woo Bin though only his broad backside can be seen. That’s good enough for me!

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