K-netizens Start to Criticize Shin Hyun Bin’s Acting in Hospital Playlist 2 as Coming to the Surface with Increased Screentime

Well this is an interesting development and one I haven’t been keeping abreast of since I’m so far behind on the Hospital Playlist watch. Lol, I’m still on the first season. K-actress Shin Hyun Bin went from one member of the supporting doctor ensemble to increased screen time in the second season after she started dating one of the Main Five leads played by Yoo Yeon Seok. She’s been getting steady positive praise from netizens since her breakout in the first season and is currently getting cast in multiple dramas including joining Go Hyun Jung in her drama return this fall in Person Who Looks Like You, being Song Joong Ki‘s leading lady in his next drama The Chaebol’s Youngest Son, and as the female lead in the early 2022 TVing streaming horror mystery drama Strange. In this Thursday’s new episode of HP2, Shin Hyun Bin had a very intense scene where she had to break down and loud cry and K-netizens are majority opinion that she is showing that she’s not a very good actress. She was fine in season 1 with more limited screen time and also a cool, no emotion type character. But since HP2 started, there has been a growing critique of her acting including saying her dialogue clearly. For the breakdown scene, viewers found it so awkwardly acted they though PD Shin would have yelled cut to end it early. I hope this critique ends up being more drama/performance specific and she overcomes it in future roles, or at least if there is any validity then work on getting past it because I think she’s one of the more promising actresses of her age group.

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