K-netizens Find Lee Jun Ki and Lee Jong Seok Always Take on Drama Male Leads that Have the Worst Things Happen so That Image Stays with Them

This is a funny and all too true post – K-netizens were discussing which actors have such a strong image because of a certain type of role and they uniformly landed on Lee Jun Ki and Lee Jong Seok in the pantheon of playing male leads with the most awful things that happen to them, i.e. worst life possible. I agree and no wonder I love them both so lololol. The consensus is that when you see either onscreen you’re already girded for the most awful fate to befall and one bad thing after another to happen. Lee Jun Ki it’s Iljimae, Joseon Gunman, Two Weeks, Flower of Evil, Time Between Dog and Wolf, and Moon Lovers and with Lee Jong Seok it’s I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, W: Two Worlds, Dr. Stranger, and School 2013. Stuff that happens include getting shot/getting stabbed/losing girlfriend-fiancee-wife-child-parent/bullying/betrayal/arrested/jail/backstabbed/framed…..and you get the picture. It’s not every single drama per se but more often than not, and also the bad stuff that happens to their male lead is so so awful it’s traumatizing to watch. Netizens feel that every time they see Lee Jun Ki or Lee Seok they just want to ask if they are almost, are they unhurt, are they doing well hahaha. There is also a third actor that netizens think belong on this pantheon but he’s recently steered away from such character types – namely Kim Nam Gil who lived through Queen Seondeok, Bad Guy, and Shark.

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