K-netizens and C-netizens So Over Fawning Han So Hee Entertainment Publication Articles

Haha, I can’t believe one thing can unite C-netizens and K-netizens right now when it’s been the War of the Roses for a few years ongoing and only getting worse. But I guess everyone hates a tryhard and that’s the impression rising K-actress Han So Hee, or at least her agency, is giving off with how hard its trying to promote her. I’m fine with her casting in a gazillion projects and being a newly minted CF queen, I’m seen plenty of IT actresses arrive and all gets the same red carpet treatment as K-ent looks for the next big thing. But Han So Hee’s situation seems to have already tilted the pendulum the other way and quite quickly at that, owing to how much her agency is paying publications to write fawning articles about her which hype her up and downplay any lacking in acting criticism or ratings failure.

The latest is this article which states that Han So Hee has ripped off her super lucky tag and has become a legit top star. She’s gone from CF and SNS celebrity to a real serious actress and everyone is anticipating her next drama. The articles says that her leading role in Nevertheless was highly watched, and she delivered the acting but the ratings were low at 1%-2% but that wasn’t her fault and she got a lot of buzz on the OTT platforms so her leading lady status remains secure. Her next drama is Netflix action series My Name which is also highly anticipated. An industry insider says she’s a rare new star when casting agents are looking for the next big thing and after Nevertheless, if she also delivers a solid performance in My Name then her place as a leading lady will remain unassailable. I….legit have nothing to say to such an overwrought and one-sided puff piece but goodness are K-netz and C-netz separately ragging on her and honestly if her agency keeps this up it may genuinely turn even casual fans off her.

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