Janine Chang Does Damage Control After C-netizens Accuse Her of Being Pro-Taiwan Independence Based on Past Statements

I’m really tired from so much ado about what is so small of quibbles and issues, but then again I do have a job and a life and better things to do. TW-actress Janine Chang is this week’s target of C-netizen pitchfork mob after someone found her college BA thesis where she wrote about “Our Country’s Entertainer Management Legal Issues”. The use of “Our Country” to refer to Taiwan has C-netizens up in arms that she dare to call Taiwan, which China considers a province and not a legal nation, a country and thus she must be pro-Taiwan independence. They also added on an interview where she discussed Taiwan’s entertainment industry and was really proud of it and says it can’t lose, i.e. it needs to represent. Reportedly this fallout has lead to her scenes in an upcoming C-movie getting cut and her two other pending C-projects are now on hold. She issued an official press release with her agency that stridently denied she was pro-Taiwan independence and proud to be a Chinese person. Of course she’s caught between a rock and a hard place, in China the C-netizens are not swayed by her explanation and in Taiwan she’s seen as selling out to beg for the right to work in China. Sigh.

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