IU Cosplays Three Popular US Show Concepts in New September 2021 Vogue Korea Pictorial

I feel like this pictorial would have fit even better two years ago when IU was starring in Hotel Del Luna, there her character basically cosplayed rich eccentric along with various other creative touches as she resolutely performed her duties running a ghost hotel. I see so much Jang Man Wol here in the September 2021 Vogue Korea pictorial where she dons three different looks from the US shows Sex and the City, Westworld, and Game of Thrones. That the former was done over a decade ago (though a reboot is happening) while the latter finished its run in a rather ignominious flame of non-glory makes these concepts rather un-timely rather than her doing a look from a current IT series. Perhaps it’s to advertise those shows now being available for streaming to Korean audiences and if so then it’s definitely three very different genres for different appetite viewers. I think IU does her best to essay these concepts and after HDL I think she can safely hold her own.

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