First Stills of Junho and Lee Se Young in Traditional MBC Sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff

The fall of sageuk has officially started this week with the premiere of SBS drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Red Sky) which is NOT a traditional sageuk in any sense of the genre, but up next is MBC drama The Red Sleeve Cuff which looks super traditional. It deals with the love story and politics behind King Jeongjo and royal concubine Uibin Sung. The first drama stills show leads Junho (Lee Jun Ho) as King Jeongjo and Lee Se Young as a young court lady who will become Uibin Sung. Junho totally grew up and glowed up being away for two years in military service and he’s back looking super intense and lost his boyishness. Lee Se Young just glows with that beautiful sageuk aura, she’s an absolute rock star in this genre and I can’t wait to see these two in action.

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