First Look at Han So Hee Headlining Netflix Crime Revenge Drama My Name to Premiere After Squid Game

The year of Han So Hee chugs on and this one looks way more promising in quality than her last drama the jTBC complicated college romance Nevertheless. She’s headlining the Netflix K-drama My Name where she plays a member of an organized crime syndicate who goes undercover in the police drug unit in order to investigate her father’s death. It’s like half of Infernal Affairs. The drama will premiere in mid-fall after Netflix releases Squid Game which is on deck now that D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) dropped last week. The PD also directed Extracurricular and Lawless Lawyer so there is great anticipation for his directorial vision with a Netflix budget and more freedom, hence this drama is being rated Mature so not for teens. Han So Hee will need to pivot yet again in showcasing a morally grey and tormented young woman and I’m hopeful she continues to grow her range and at least first impression-wise she looks suitably ragged and angsty here.

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