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Spoilers from episodes 1 – 5 are present in the information, photos, or comments provided below.

Native Title: ボクの殺意が恋をした

Airing Schedule: Jul 4, 2021 – Sep 5, 2021

Episodes: 10

Duration: 55 minutes

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Revenge, Dead Parents, Skilled Killer, Secret, Death Of A Parent, Forbidden Love, Orphan Male Lead, Psychopath, Unlikely Romance, Manga Artist


Tokunaga YuichiMiura Kisa

Where To Watch: NTV, YTV, Tencent Video


Shu is a young, athletic man with a handsome appearance. His parents died when he was just 5 years old. Afterwards, he was raised by his father’s friend Joichiro. One night, Joichiro dies. Shu then learns of Joichiro’s real identity. He was a legendary contract killer known as “Gou no Tora.” His death is classified as an accident by the police, but Detective Shiori suspects Joichiro was killed by Mitsuki. 

Mitsuki is a popular manga writer with a secret. She is involved with a terrorist organization. So Joichiro was told to kill Narumiya Mitsuki but in the end, he was killed by her. To avenge Joichiro’s death, Shu decides to kill Mitsuki and becomes a contract killer. 

Shu approaches Mitsuki, but is unable to kill her. He even saves her life several times. Mitsuki suspects someone is trying to kill her so she asks Shu to be her bodyguard. Now they are in a weird situation, and Shu learns even more hidden secrets along the way.

Nakagawa Taishi as Onotora Shu

Araki Yuko as Narumiya Mitsuki

Onotara Shu was adopted by Joichiro and they work together in a cleaning company. Shu is kindhearted and an innocent guy who loves his foster father a lot. At first, it felt like he was foolish, but he is really smart. Since his childhood, he has been waiting for a girl named Aoi, who was one year older than him but suddenly disappeared.

Narumiya Mitsuki is a manga writer. She is quite mysterious and didn’t show her face to the media for a long time. But after her manga gets famous, she decides to finally reveal her face. She seems like a good person.

First Impressions


Yuko Araki’s character, Narumiya Mitsuki, couldn’t impress me. Yuko Araki is a great actress and here, I’m not talking about her acting but her character. I didn’t like the character of Narumiya Mitsuki that much. It felt a little boring. Unlike other shows with Yuko Araki where she played lively characters, this one was different. Maybe this will change in future episodes!

Romance and chemistry don’t feel strong enough to me. I didn’t feel that there was enough chemistry between them until now. Maybe in the next episodes I might see it.

But in Hitman in Love, there were kisses but yet it didn’t feel strong enough.

Yuko Araki’s wardrobe wasn’t that good. I know that I’m not the only one who noticed this. As you can see on the right, she wears formless, mismatched clothing. She is so beautiful and those clothes don’t do her justice. 

Okay, now probably this is not going to get better in the next episodes. But the first episode’s party dress was beautiful, and also episode three’s dress. But as she is a manga writer, they could have made her wear simple yet gorgeous dresses. 


Shu’s character is beyond expectations. The thing that impressed me the most was Shu’s character. At first I thought he would be a fool who has no experience as a hitman. But I was so wrong. He is kind. He helps people. He is funny and awkward, but there is a lot of sweetness in his character, and that makes you fall in love with his character. Other than that, his love for Joichiro and Aoi was portrayed in a beautiful way. He is so smart that he remembered every single lesson his foster father had taught him. I felt like he wasn’t giving much attention to those lessons, but I was wrong again.

He doesn’t have any experience as a hitman but he has great ability in saving people from hitmen. 

And most importantly, he is good at cleaning, cooking, fighting, and he is smart, tall, handsome, and sweet. Everything a person can ask for.

Joichiro and Shu’s father-son relationship (especially Joi’s love for Shu). I like their relationship a lot. They are like friends. And even though Joi is no more, he has trained Shu well so that he can be safe when Joi is gone. Even though he isn’t alive, his lessons are always with Shu. 

Nakagawa Taishi‘s acting and expressions. Now let me be honest, I watch dramas only if I like the female lead. Even if the female lead’s actress is one of the people I like but I don’t care about the male lead that much. I do like Yuko Araki, and that’s why I’m watching. But guys, I was so impressed by Nakagawa Taishi’s acting. His expressions, dialogue delivery, body language, being irritated, and especially his body, everything was so amazing. I don’t praise actors often but I have a special place in my heart for this guy’s acting.

From the first episode to episode 5, there isn’t a single second where I didn’t enjoy his acting. Shu getting irritated after Narumiya Mitsuki called him a psychopath was really good. Or when he remembers Aoi and Joi. In episode 2, his expression when Narumiya Mitsuki’s assistants were ordering him to copy papers for them. And the most surprising thing was to see him working out. 

And this one is the funniest.
Death Prince’s Death Traps

Death Prince, his English accent, and the dramatic music in the background. For me, the main attraction of this drama after Shu is none other than Death Prince. No matter what, I can’t hate Death Prince at all. I love him a lot, there’s really something different about his character! 

Death Prince VS Shu = Strong Bromance. Death Prince and Shu both are so funny, and they give us strong bromance vibes. They look good together, and Shu actively tries to stop Death Prince, so there’s a strong battle happening.

Look, I found a behind the scenes photo of them. 

Onotora Joichiro’s character is one I will remember for a long time. Onotara Joichiro is dead and that hurts the most. I really wish he comes back. His character is so good and funny. It feels good to see his flashbacks.

 Their bond is the best part of this drama. 

Personal Thoughts

At first, I thought it would be a drama with a serious plot. A dangerous drama with a realistic story about hitmen. But it’s not serious at all! It’s a funny drama. 

But there’s a secret. And from episode 5 on, the secret chapters are opening.

The acting is great, and the ending of every episode is really interesting. We all have different opinions. But I will say: Give this drama a chance, and maybe you will  like it. 

Is This Drama For You??

This Drama Is For You If You Like 

This Drama Isn’t For You If You Dislike

– Funny Male Lead 

– Handsome villain

– Yuko Araki or Nakagawa Taishi  

– Childhood love

– Unlikely romance

– Death of a parent

What are your thoughts? Will you watch this drama? Let me know in the comment section!

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