China Broadcasting Issues the 8 Decrees to Broadly Reorganize Entertainment Industry Including No Sissy Male Stars Onscreen and Cancelling Idol Making Shows

I don’t even know where to start so I’ll just tackle each major new restriction as is. China Broadcasting on behalf of the government issued an 8-point decree this week intended to broadly restructure and also restrict what is seen on television and the behavior of stars and their fans. Shows will not be able to show “sissy men” or abnormal aesthetics, namely what entertainment has called Flower Boys or Young Fresh Meat in the recent decade. Also banned are stars with bad morals, vulgar influencers, and paying inflated salaries to stars. On the derogatory “sissy men” hissy fit, the idea is that these pretty boys are not teaching the young men of China how to be masculine grown adults. Another decree ends the star ranking system and curtails fan activity to promote their stars with hashtags and comments and posts, thereby ending fanpower to make a star famous when he/she does not have established works or built up the stature. Going forward, idol production programs and variety shows featuring the children of famous stars will be forbidden, as those talent shows both have a surplus of “sissy men” so to speak and also feature tons of fan courting where fans pay to vote for contestants or buy tons of stuff for them or because of them. It’s intended to curtail excessive fangirling and copious spending. Chinese media was ordered to avoid hyping up star wealth and lifestyle and avoid gossip. Going forward, stars will also be responsible and liable for the (mis)conduct of its own fandom. From this list of new requirements, popular shows like Youth With You and Produce 101 will be permanently cancelled, and C-ent thinks BL dramas already filmed will not get to air (at least anytime soon) because of the “sissy men” implication with how the male leads are styled very aesthetically beautifully.

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