C-ent Discusses Shackled Prisoner Escorted by Police to the Hospital Likely Fallen C-star Wu Yi Fan

Jailed C-star Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) likely kick started the entire crackdown by the Chinese government on the entertainment industry and entertainers in particular but his situation remains the most dire compared to getting projects shelved or losing CFs. He’s been in detention at the Chaoyang District jail pending trial which is a sign the prosecution has a very strong case otherwise he could try and get bail. This week C-ent is buzzing over a 10 second video of two police officers escorted a prisoner who has leg shackles and his head covered in what resembles a beekeepers hat to the hospital. The figure from the back bears a striking similarity to Wu Yi Fan from the height to the physique to the posture. The hospital is also in the Chaoyang district. C-netizens claim the hospital is known for its strong dermatology wing and also for treating STDs. Man, if he was going around raping women then of course he’s at high risk if not already has STDs. What this potential Wu Yi Fan sighting signals to the C-netizens is yet another reminder that the mighty can fall fast and hard in China.

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