C-actress Zheng Shuang Adds to Her Surrogacy Abandonment Scandal with Official Government Fine of $46.1 Million USD for Tax Evasion and Yin-yang Contracts

I think the last two decades, twenty years worth of rapid Chinese development in entertainment and consumption, has made those who live inside that world and also the public who consume the pretty end products forget that the political system of Mainland China remains led by the Communist Party and really a one-ruler autocracy. These past few years it’s become apparent that the overlords want to reign things in as punish those who did cross the line, and I say it started with the Fan Bing Bing tax evasion scandal in 2018. Today another C-actress Zheng Shuang is getting nabbed for the exact same thing, tax evasion and using yin-yang contracts (where one official contract states one salary and the under the table unofficial one states a different compensation), she must be the greediest and dumbest C-actress out there because her tax evasion and yin-yang contract bullshit was for the 2019 C-drama remake of A Chinese Ghost Story. I saw stupid because she did the same thing as Fan Bing Bing even after seeing the hammer come down by the government. Her ex-husband Zhang Heng is also being investigated by tax authorities stemming from aiding and abetting Zheng Shuang’s tax evasion by setting up shell companies, to which I say birds of a feather. He’s only slightly less douchey than her by being the one to draw the line on abandoning their surrogate babies when Zheng Shuang wanted to end the relationship and agreeing to raise them alone. The tax authorities state that Zhuang Shuang has paid all the unpaid and underreported taxes but still needs to pay the hefty penalty portion. Zheng Shuang’s official Weibo account and that of her agency has been permanently banned and all her dramas and movies have been removed from streaming sites. I think it’s safe to say she is never ever coming back.

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