C-actress Zhao Wei Rumored to Have Taken Private Jet Overnight to France to Reunite with Her Singaporean Husband After Being Erased from All C-ent

The rumor is spreading wild and fast that formerly top C-actress and producer Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao) has flown the coop, and cue all the Little Sparrow jokes. The tabloids and various online news portals are all saying that Zhao Wei was spotted landing in France on a private jet and she reportedly fled in the night from China. The same reports say her Singaporean husband has joined her there and the couple reunited. Zhao Wei has Singaporean citizenship as well so this may signal that she’s never/cannot return to China but will have another country to stay in. These are all rumors of course but her cancelling since late last week has now expanded from her videos being deleted, her name being removed from her dramas/movies, and even some dramas or movies also being taken down though not everything with her is removed. Now her name is removed from all award shows where she has won any award, for that year the award show listing just shows a strikethrough in the Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress category if she won that year. I actually think if she can escape with her freedom and whatever assets she has outside of China then it should be considered a win.

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